New Software Enables Small Businesses to SizeUp Against Other Businesses in Colorado Springs

Fox 21 News Right Now reports that “Whether you’re starting a new small business or have been running one for years, El Paso County has a new tool to help make you more successful.”

Yemi Mobolade, co-owner of Wildgoose Meeting House and Good Neighbors Meeting House described using SizeUp COS saying, “Enter more information around revenue, all of the sudden you get an idea of how you are performing against others. You know, are my revenues up to par? Am I behind?  Am I in the middle? And not only are you sizing up against other businesses on Colorado Springs, you’re sizing up against other businesses in El Paso County, and in the nation. So, you just getting a fuller picture of how you need to perform in relation to the rest of the market.”

Read the complete article and watch the news coverage “New software allows small businesses to “SizeUp” against other businesses in El Paso County”.

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